Jensen Moriarty is the eldest of the older twins of Lord Johnathon Moriarty. He is the twin of Jared Moriarty. He is 36 years old and in a relationship with Phillip Anderson.

Though he initially appeared through an imitation by his brother, Jared, (who was consequently shot in the first of his many deaths by Greg Lestrade) his first real appearance was at the first "New Network" meeting with members such as James Moriarty, Jeremy Moriarty, Elton Davies (*Bloke), William Watson, Graham Herd, Stephen Herd, Frank Barring and a guest of Greg Lestrade. If not already indicated by the imitations of both Jared and Jeremy, Jensen was stern and strict and everyone was afraid of him. He asserted his dominance as the leader of the British Criminal Network and nobody questioned until he stepped down for new-found moral reasoning. He's now surprisingly domestic.

Biography Edit

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Behind the scenes Edit

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