Jared Moriarty is the youngest of the older twins of Lord Johnathon Moriarty. He is the twin of Jensen Moriarty. He is 36 years old and in a relationship with Irene Adler.

Despite being mainly neutral in his first appearances in the main RP, the book plot of the characters depicts him as the main villain having been brainwashed by Giorgje Trewensky.

He is also responsible for a series of disastorous events coordinated by Johnathon Moriarty that lead to one of his many deaths.

Jared was the last Moriarty brother to appear in the Rp, though it could be argued he was the second as he was shot and killed in Jensen's disguise during the beginning of the Markus and Jensen plot.

There have been many speculations over whether Jared is alive or not. At the end of the Main Rp, Jared was somehow alive, even though he had "properly died" like three times. In some offspring Rps it was alluded to that Jared was alive and on hiatus in Moldova with Sally Donovan. The same was indicated in the Andersen Rp, in which Moriarty Mansion was blown up proving fatal for Jeremy Moriarty. However, this scenario was altered for the book; with Jared being the one to die in the explosion, only he doesn't die as per usual and is actually alive in Sweden. More recently, there have been nods to Jared being involved with the invisible network, having filled the criteria of being dead.

Biography Edit

Jared was born on the 16th of April 1987 to Lord and Lady Moriarty in the county of Hampshire. As a twin he was always close to his 15 second senior, Jensen Moriarty. But where Jensen had expectation, Jared had freedom. He grew more as a person, less refined and more wild, more complacent to morality though considerate.

However, at the same time Jared was determined to impress his parents by any means necessary. This came through him practising skills for assassination. Due to this, Jared became one of the best assassins in Europe and earned his place in the four brothers as the secret weapon, though he barely put these skills to use.

Behind the scenes Edit

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